Reasons Why Not Listing with a Real Estate Agent Could Be the Right Choice

When not listing with an agent might be the right move

If you strive to sell your Richmond home, there are many ways to accomplish this in record time. Some of these methods don’t include the traditional hiring of a real estate agent. Contrary to popular belief, there is no law in the State of Virginia that requires you to retain the services of a real estate agent or realtor in order to sell your property. In fact, hiring real estate agents tend to result in loss of revenue and longer, drawn out sales. And when you need to sell your Richmond home quickly, there are other potential pitfalls of relying on
real estate agents.

Four benefits of NOT hiring a Real Estate
Agent include:

  1. You save money: When you don’t hire a Real Estate Agent you will save
    between 3-10% of the profits of the sale of your home. This might not
    sound like much, but it could be the difference between buying a new
    car, putting money down on a new home or paying a year or two of
    college for your children.
  2. Less time and your money spent in repairing your property before the
    sale: Real Estate Agents across the board are highly picky about the
    condition of your property. It is their belief that when your property is
    showing signs of old age, wear and tear; that you need to spend
    thousands of dollars on repairs to make sure the property is attractive
    to all potential home buyers. That’s simply not true when you sell your
    property to non-traditional buyers though.
  3. Your ability to sell quickly improves: When you don’t hire real estate
    agents, you can actually sell your property much quicker than if you rely
    on selling to a particular demographic and through traditional
    measures. Believe it or not, there are several companies who buy
    properties as is for top retail value of properties in your area. So why
    worry about extended selling time when you can sell quickly though this
    type of process?
  4. There is less negotiating and hassle: Again, the goal of any real estate
    agent is to ensure your home sells for the maximum amount. Why is
    this? Simple – they receive a percentage of the total sale price – not a
    percentage of your profits. This is also why most of these real estate
    agents negotiate with multiple potential buyers; which extends the
    closing time period and usually does not net maximum profits for home
    When you’re looking to sell your Richmond home, there are many other non-
    traditional methods that result in quicker sales, better profits and reduced
    headaches for any property in virtually any condition. Never fall into the trap
    that you must hire a real estate agent; as there are many benefits as
    discussed above to selling your home quicker and with better results as you
    might believe.

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